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I help in transforming your ideal business plans and goals which supercharge its growth, With a guaranteed result and seamless planned workflow, I provide apt business solutions. improve lead conversion rate, earn more customers, and increase your revenue  

Is there a difference between hemp and marijuana-based CBD oils?

Yes, there is a difference between hemp and marijuana-based . Hemp oil contains CBD but only traces of THC (the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana its recreational effects).

Do you think CBD ointments will become popular in the future?

Yes, CBD ointments are likely to become increasingly popular due to their reported therapeutic benefits. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties. A growing number of people are using CBD ointments at to treat a range of conditions, such as arthritis, chronic pain and skin conditions.


Strategy & Research.

I'll Study your business, its target audience and guide you towards the right digital marketing solutions & platform for your business

Reports & Optimizer.

My reports can help you to identify which aspects of your site need to be optimized from a technical and content perspective

Tracking & ROI.

Each lead is tracked digitally to calculate Cost Per Lead and Return On Investment (ROI) by way of analytics and dashboards

Since 2009

Digital marketing professional with 9 years of progressive experience in marketing, interactive strategy and digital commerce accomplished in team building, project management, and collaborating effectively with stakeholders, vendors and clients. Highly effective and creative Marketing master implements technology to increase ROI via online marketing methods.

Experience in (Real_estate, E_commerce, Crypto Exchanges, Travel, Education and Finance Sector)

Professional Experience

Tools Experience

Adobe Analytics,  Adobe Target, Adobe AEM, Clever Tap,  Appsflyer, Meltwater,  Dynamic TAG Manager, Data Studio, etc…

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Keep control over your campaign's costs with pay per click or impression pricing options. Target audiences by job title, function, industry, company, education, interests, and more. 2x higher engagement. Reach decision makers. Create an ad in minutes.

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50% for your 1st promotion

Start Promoting your App campaigns in selected location for Real Users.
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13 Courses with 9 Assignments and 2 live projects.

  • How to increase Leads by Auto Scripting?
  • How paid Display Traffic Help’s in SEO?
  • How to Optimize Shopping Campaigns?
  • How To Avoid Mistakes Google Ads?
  • How target approach will Reduce Big cost?
  • How to create B2B LinkedIn Marketing strategy?
  • How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works in B2C & B2B?
  • How to adjust sponsored content Bidding rules?
  • How to use Ad Center & Ads manager in Reach Campaign?
  • How to create Event based & Lifetime value Lookalikes?
  • How to control of your auction bidding with Lowest cost cap?
  • Learn RTM Method & Ads using the SBA Copy Method.

Growth Hacking Digital Marketing Training : Social Media Marketing, SEO, YouTube, Email, Facebook Marketing Strategy, Analytics & More!

Every section is designed to work as a standalone training so feel free to jump ahead if you want. Also each section is designed to be highly actionable so that you can take and apply the steps to grow a business right now or in the future. I also encourage you to share your assignments at the end of each section on our course So welcome to the course once again and feel free to reach out with your queries that you have along the way.

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